How to use Schedulicity and online booking (AKA schedule your appointment in your pjs or from your couch with out picking up the phone)!

I love Schedulicity! I have been using it for several years as a client and as a service provider. I love being able to share my availability with my clients in real time, All you have to do to schedule an appointment is go to put in the persons name you would like to book with and press enter. 

schedulicity how to

If you have got their name right it should bring you to their schedule. Where you will click on the schedule now button. This is mine below.

Schedulicity how to

The next thing you will see is a little about section and some payment options. Now click on the schedule now button to finally get to that schedule!

Once you find the service you would like to book, you will select it and if there is more than one provider at the salon or establishment you are booking at you may have to choose between a few people. But in this case it's just me! So select Jessi Cook-Knight and click add to visit. If you are going to get other services like a conditioning treatment or you want to add Olaplaex to your color you could choose that now. If you are unsure of what to book you can click on each of the services to see a brief description. If you are unsure after that you might want to contact me! Otherwise you are all set to choose your day and time. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.00.27 PM.png

Isn't that awesome? You can see that I have an opening at 4 or 6 on Thursday and can book it right here. This eliminates so much back and forth between my clients and I that are attempting to schedule an appointment. Sometimes I have booked a slot before someone gets back to me and we have to start all over again. 

At this point you will need to either log in or sign up. 

Once you get in all your log in information and hit book it you will get an email saying you are scheduled. Keep that email in case you forget your appointment time or you need a reference to the salon's address. 

Do you love schedulicity as much as I do? Do you find it easy as a service provider and as client? Most of my hairstylist friends use this system. It looks like you can use it for any type of business where you are scheduling out your time, from the usual suspects like hair, nails and massage to classes like yoga and pilates. My tax guru even uses it! It's a small business persons best friend.