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Rainy Day Rebels is a lifestyle.

Rainy Day Rebels is a lifestyle brand that strives to keep us connected to nature. In the Pacific Northwest, it rains a little bit or a lot, but we use that as fuel for our creative minds! Soft water-based ink printed on eco-friendly 100% organic cotton fabric that makes you feel and look great! Waxed canvas bags to carry your things and keep them dry.

Ever wonder what I am doing when I am not doing hair? I am working on my lil house, enjoying my family, cooking and basically livin' my best life! Every once in a while I blog about it or make something to sell.

Check out the etsy store often to see what I have been making!

Based in Portland Oregon and heavily inspired by this city

Hello, hello hello! We are Matt and Jessi business and life partners. We met in Portland but could not be from different place in the USA. Matt grew up in a small town Connecticut where was self taught in screen printing, delighting all of his punk rock friends. Jessi was born and raised in Alaska and has been self employed as a hairstylist for tons and tons of years. 

We started this venture as an outlet for all of our creative ideas and a way to fund our dream home.  We collaborate and design everything, Matt does all of the screen printing in the home studio. From the start to finish we use every available eco-friendly practice available. Packaging, ink, paper, and ethically-manufactured apparel

Fueled by pizza, french press coffee and green smoothies (because...... balance), we love to play outside and in the garden with our daughter when we are not working.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Jessi and Matt