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I want you to love your hair like I love pizza!

And if you don’t, I want to hear what’s stopping you from loving it. Bring me your concerns and together we can work towards a healthy relationship between you and your hair.


There’s not much that changes your appearance more drastically than a haircut (or color). Your hair is a fashion statement, and I am a firm supporter of “You do YOU!” There are no hair rules in my chair; after all, this is Portland. :) So you can bring me anything that inspires you from mullets to balayage; I do it all.

I’m currently at the 17-year mark of styling hair -- I really do love it. And there are two sides of me that come together at the salon: crafting and being my own boss -- the creativity, working with my hands, the process, the relationships, the hours! I definitely can’t bring my work home with me; that would be weird.

In fact, you’ll find me at my own little sanctuary Revolve Hair Studio (inner NE Portland) going the extra mile to ensure the hair we clip, any excess hair color, foils and color tubes are all gathered and mailed to a nearby processing plant for environmental repurposing. Being part of a Green Circle Salon fulfills the environmentalist in me and makes it easy for me to live my life by the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The product lines I support in the salon also reflect my love for the environment -- each one is cruelty free (O&M, Oway and Organic Chemistry) and makes me so happy to be supporting the environment in a positive way.

So when you visit the salon, you too can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the products being used for you maintain minimal impact on the environment. :) All the better to enjoy our conversation and time together.

And if you want to listen to me for a change, ask about my daughter or the latest ideas running around in my head! Nothing gives life to ideas like a good ole conversation.